Indonesia and China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves Rose in February 2017


For Indonesia, February was the 3rd consecutive month of growth in terms of foreign exchange reserves. Agus Martowardojo, governor of Indonesia’s central bank, announced that foreign exchange reserves reached $119.9 billion in February, up from $116.9 billion in January. As explained in a previous article (TOP 3 EMERGING ECONOMIES TO WATCH IN 2017), Indonesia is an important commodities exporter. This rise in FX reserves is likely due to earnings from oil and gas exports, as well as capital inflow. Rising Forex reserves also have an impact on the Indonesian Rupiah, boosting its performance against major currencies, especially the U.S. Dollar.

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For the First Time, Bitcoin is Worth More than Gold


We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency built on blockchain technology, which burst onto the trading scene back in 2009. You’ll never, of course, be able to get your hands on physical Bitcoin notes, but that’s the essence of its appeal. Since Bitcoin is totally decentralised, it isn’t controlled by any bank, national government or supranational authority, instead operating as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system designed to cut out all intermediaries.

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SNAP’s IPO Day Is here. Is This a Company You’d Like to Trade On?


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Why Is Drone Delivery Taking Off?


It was in 2013 that Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, announced his ambitious goal of making drone delivery of customer orders a reality. 3 years later, in December 2016, the first successful Amazon drone delivery in the United Kingdom took place. Amazon Prime Air is designed to deliver packages weighing less than 5 pounds in under 30 minutes.

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Self-Driving Cars: Back to The Future or Now?


Autonomous vehicles, commonly known as self-driving cars, are becoming one of the most important recent tech inventions. These vehicles function without a human driver, relying on computer networks and sensory technology.



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